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Do You Suffer From Stress Or Anxiety?

Are you finding life hard now, struggling to find the right balance, someone or something repeatedly pressing your buttons?

Do you want the confidence and control to deal with stress?

I use a combination of Professional Coaching, CBT and Hypnosis to help you lower stress and anxiety, so you can relax and enjoy life more.

If the way you are thinking, acting and feeling is affecting you and those around you, contact me.

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Wondering if Performance Coaching, CBT or Hypnosis can help you?

It's hard to open up and speak about the real issues that bother you. Therapy doesn't have to involve months of sitting on a leather sofa going over past trauma. Work out what is really bothering you, make a plan and take action. Start now.

Have you had enough?

We struggle, get stuck and constantly argue with our inner voice.

Part of you desperately wants something, another part refuses to do the work. Then you judge, feel like shit and make excuses (time, money, family, job etc etc).

This leads to stress, overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty. Stuck in a repeating pattern that will prevent you from making any real progress.

Although the internet and social media paint the picture that everyone is better than you. They’re not. To some extent, we are all stuck in a pattern.

Think about YOUR life. Are you stuck in a pattern? Do you feel as if you’re not living up to your potential?

Stuck on the hamster wheel of your own existence, lacking the focus to map out and get your goals.

You've had enough of...

Enough of living on autopilot.

Enough of exhaustion, stress and worry.

Enough of guilt, anxiety and boredom.

Enough of procrastination and self-doubt.

Enough of not living up to your own potential.

If YOU'VE had enough, I can help you…

Hi, I'm Adam...

A licensed and qualified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and High-Performance Coach who works online and in-person to help people lower stress and get more out of life.

After over 25 years of operating at the highest level, under extreme pressure, whilst serving in the Royal Air Force, I understand the challenges of balancing a stressful home and work life.

MY AIM: to bring everything I have discovered about lowering personal stress, high performance, resilience and motivation to everyone who is struggling.

You don’t have to suffer.

By combining military ethos, high-performance coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and evidence-based hypnosis, I offer my clients a unique and powerful approach to solving the challenges they face.

If you’re ready to be honest and work towards a more confident and productive life, I'm ready to help you.

Options To Work With Me



For certain situations, all you may need to examine where you are right now (the truth), nail down your vision (life goals) and create a quick plan to get there. This is for those who feel they need a quick nudge to get them out of the rut. Once you move your trajectory, even by a small amount, this can be enough to result in huge changes down the line. This works well when you have an awareness of the real issue and perhaps just need to brainstorm a way out with someone impartial who can help create solutions. You will create a goal and agree on a check-in after a month. You will receive exercises and hypnotherapy recordings specific to your issue. If you want to keep progressing, upgrade to 5 sessions.

  • 20 minute discovery call

  • A single 90 minute session

  • Score your life

  • Goal creation

  • Hypnotherapy recording

  • 30 day check-in



It’s sometimes difficult to make progress within a single session. You may find problems beneath your problems that require work on your ingrained behaviours and beliefs. The 5-to-thrive grows on the principles of the single session and adds a series of events to help you create your vision. These sessions are a blend of CBT, Coaching and Hypnotherapy. These sessions will be taken over a 90 day period and include check-ins and accountability via messaging. You will receive exercises and hypnotherapy recordings, which will be tailored to your issues and goals.

  • 20 minute discovery call

  • 5 x 60-90 minute sessions

  • Weekly check-in (via message)

  • Create a life vision

  • Home exercises

  • Hypnotherapy recordings

  • Progress guarantee



I know from personal experience how much progress you can make if you work with a professional who can make you think and behave differently. If you want to radically alter your life, it takes time and effort. Many do not want to invest in such change. But if you, like me, want to be counted in the very top of your game then here is the potential to have a trusted professional help you over the finish line. What you arrive for, may not be what you really wanted help with. I must have worked with you over 5 sessions to sign up for year-long commitment. I only pick those committed to the truth and take action, with spaces limited to 5 per year. Effectively, this is having a coaching service in your pocket. I will go all in if you’re willing to make big changes.

*must have completed 5-to-thrive

  • 20 minute discovery call

  • 12 x 90 minute sessions

  • 34 x 20 minutes zoom calls

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Ultimate personal coaching

  • Only 5 slots per year

Start Your Progress

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No energy healing, tarot reading, horoscopes or magic crystals. I take a no nonsense evidenced based approach to solve real life problems. It's good to be sceptical, the more you understand, the more you get out of it.

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adam gun

Adam Cooper

Dip.CBH | High Performance Coach | Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (Hypno-CBT)

Not Your Typical 'Therapist'...

I'm not sure how you picture a therapist, but I always imagined a 50 year old geography teacher who psychoanalysed your childhood for endless hours on a big comfy sofa.

Sorry, I'm not that guy. I prefer to cut through the bullshit, take action and move forward quickly. My background is in Military Aviation and Human Performance. Having served in the Royal Air Force for over 25 years, I know a lot about performing at the highest level under extreme pressure.

But I discovered that the problems at home are equally (if not more) difficult to overcome than those at work. Both take an emotional toll that requires help and support from others.

After a minor meltdown, I had to get my head out of my arse and face some real issues as I got older, like avoiding difficult conversations about my intimate relationships, anger, sleep issues, poor diet and a lack of clear purpose or drive.

Simply 'existing' wasn't good enough for me. Once I swallowed my pride and stubbornness, I got to work on the parts that mattered most. Figuring out exactly what I wanted and getting the guts to face the truth. I wasn't where I wanted to be and it was all my fault. I pride myself on being a great father, to do this I had to lead by example. In health, relationships and personal well-being.

I had to lead my own battle at home to improve my health, self-confidence and communication skills. It led to qualifications in coaching, mentoring, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, communications, mental health first aid (MHFA), being a Samaritans volunteer and working with Anxiety UK.

I'm not a doctor, personal trainer, spiritual healer or psychotherapist. I'm a straight-talking bloke who found a way to live a much more fulfilled life. I just want to offer this to others, like me, so they do not suffer alone in silence.

Stop Suffering. I can help you.

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